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A Synergy of Local Knowledge with Global Expertise, Bringing You World Class Experiences, By Sinarmas and Japanese Trusted Developer Keikyu, Itochu.

Japanese railway company with 120 years of history that has strengths in integrated development of railways and towns

Keikyu Corporation has a 120 year long history. Keikyu Corporation, which connects Tokyo International Airport and central Tokyo, is a railway company that serves as gateway into Japan.

Japanese railway companies promote developments that integrate railways and residential areas. Keikyu corporation similarly developed residential land and enhanced value along its lines, including redevelopment of Shinagawa, an entrance point to Tokyo, Japan’s most vibrant area. It utilize the PRIME brand in residential business.

As typically seen in railway projects, it builds towns that place importance on ties to people who live along the line, rather than just ending with the development. Keikyu Corporation will apply this knowhow and integrity to Southgate too.

Japanese leading trading firm that operates internationally

ITOCHU Corporation, which was founded in 1858 and has a history of over 150 years, is a major diversified trading company with roughly 120 sites in 63 countries worldwide.

It engages in textile, machinery, metal, energy, chemical, food, residential living, information, and financial businesses internationally.

In real estate development, it handles condominiums, office buildings, retail facilities, and overseas property development. Itochu promotes diversified real estate development business imbued with an enterprising spirit as a trading company that constantly takes on challenges worldwide.

Indonesia's leading conglomerate corporate group. A highly respected international real estate business

Sinar Mas Group is a top global corporate group comprised of six core businesses – paper and pulp, financial, real estate, food, communications, and electricity.

It arranges joint venture with companies throughout the world as indonesia’s leading conglomerate company.

Sinar Mas Land has real estate businesses through entities in Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. It has received various awards and is respected internationally for results in these businesses.