An extraordinarily integrated mixed-use development, along with AEON MALL, creates notable high-value asset, integration of urban living with suburban habitats. Creating exceptional and exquisite communities that provide mind-blowing living experiences for its homeowners.

Prices that standout in the popular TB Simatupang area

Expect a skyrocketing price value

Affected by soaring condominium prices in the city center, prices continue to rise in neighboring areas. Prices in the TB Simatupang area are also expected to rise in the future. Sales have begun in Southgate at prices that are noticeably lower than other projects. Expectations are building that those prices will increase.

Property Prices on TB Simatupang Area

The huge, much talked-about mall, AEON MALL is within the site

Operated by AEON Group, No.1 in Japan. Clothing, food, lifestyle, all kind of products in one place.

AEON Group, which boasts the highest operating revenue among retailers in Japan, operates the large-scale AEON MALL. AEON Grup already has more than 200 stores in Japan and overseas, including 2 locations in Jakarta. The AEON supermarket acts as group’s lead store and offers variety of products and services such as restaurants, fashion stores, sundries and services. The mall will also be constant source of fresh information such as proposals for lifestyle trends.

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