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Developed by No.1 Japanese Trusted Developer, Keikyu & Itochu.

One of the biggest transportation company in Japan. Well-experienced township development such as property business, hotel, shopping mall, bus, taxi, etc. With 120 years of history that has strengths in integrated development of railways and towns, Keikyu corporation similarly developed residential land and enhanced value.

One of the biggest trading company in Japan. Founded in 1858 and has a history of over 150 years, is a major diversified trading company with roughly 120 sites in 63 countries worldwide. In real estate development, it handles condominiums, office buildings, retail facilities, and overseas property development. ITOCHU is also developing numerous business in Indonesia.

Southgate PRIME Tower is the best apartment for income gain in TB Simatupang

Since our target are Japanese Expats, and for Japanese expats - the budget to rent an apartment in Jakarta is Rp 21-24 juta/month for single (over 60 sqm), Rp 30-38 juta/month for couple (over 70 sqm) and Rp 35-49 juta/month for family (over 90 sqm). With budget like that Japanese expats prefer 2 bedroom or more, even if it’s single.

In TB Simatupang, it's only Southgate Prime Tower fulfill conditions, equipped with Japanese biggest Shopping Mall - AEON within the site, Southgate Prime Tower is the best apartment for income gain in TB Simatupang.

Located in Japanese expats living and activity area

Located in TB. Simatupang where in the surrounding area (Jakarta & Bekasi) Japanese expats and Japanese companies are continuing to increase an average of 5,3% every year for Japanese expats and 6,8% every year for Japanese companies.

Many advantages compared to other apartments

PRIME TOWER has lot of strong point to be selected - based on Japanese expat’s priority indicator to rent property

There is a strong demand for 2 and 3 bedroom from Japanese Expats. And in the case that Japanese is single, it’s also strong demand for 1 bedroom+S (68 sqm), because they prefer over 60sqm at least. Japanese Expats need to live an apartment with high security due to their company regulation, and they prefer good facility. For these reason, PRIME Tower will be the best apartment for Japanese Expats.

Japanese high quality vendor

Sash & Sliding Door by YKK

YKK is a Japanese group of manufacturing companies, architectural products at 109 YKK facilities in 71 countries worldwide.

Facade by ASAHIMAS (Low E-Glass)

ASAHIMAS is the world's foremost glass producer from Japan.

Elevator by HITACHI

HITACHI is a Japanese multi-national conglomerate company, ranked 79th in the 2018 Fortune Global 500.

Gypsum Board by YOSHINO GYPSUM

Tiger Board by YOSHINO GYPSUM's is the first gypsum board produced in Japan.

Kitchen & Wardrobe by TOTO

TOTO is the world's largest toilet manufacturer, developing the Washlet and derivative products.

Inside Door by DAIKEN

Handleability within the Short-stroke handle support you to open and close smoothly.

AC & Video Phone by PANASONIC

Panasonic is one of most biggest Japanese multinational electronics corporation.

AEON MALL is within the site

AEON gives safety and well-friendly atmosphere to Japanese expats

There are safety and secured food because AEON contracts directly with production farmers Japanese style of quality control. In AEON, Japanese expats children can play lots of facilities with joyfull and they can buy whatever variety and trend setter products they need for their lives

AEON is currently booming in Jakarta!

AEON BSD has been visited over 12 million people annually, AEON JGC has been visited over 10 million people annually. A lot of people will visit Southgate’s AEON Because of the nearest Jakarta, AEON and PRIME TOWER will create a new Japanese community!

It’s an advantage that it’s close to AEON mall and developed by Japanese developer when you expect also capital gain.

Exclusive Private Elevator
Handover in 2022
Show Unit 3 Bedroom